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Welcome to Vistaseal

9+ years of experiences for give you better results.

Our clients have included South Pars, oil refineries, power plants, municipal steam distribution systems, agricultural refineries and a wide variety of industrial facilities. Vistaseal originally worked primarily in the upper South Pars but now does business all over theIRAN, with an occasional venture outside the country.Vistaseal has the best success rate in the business. The company’s founder says, “As far as I know we are the only people to have a successful method for sealing leaking vessel manway doors, and we offer maintenance systems for valve packing by modifying the valves for injectable packing.”The company also has a proud history of working safely, with never a recordable injury.

Company CEO : Reza Jalili


Our History

4 years work experience with the largest energy companies in Iran and their complete satisfaction

Our Mission

Saving energy and satisfying customers of this company

Our Vision

Achieving the latest manufacturing materials and materials related to work and accurate execution


Projects Launched


Educated students


Our Happy Clients


Years Experience

Why Choose Us

How we will work with your project?

Communicating with industrial complexes, providing services and satisfying customers
Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%

Great Technology

Vistaseal always use the best of techniques, skills, methods, and processes

Best Equipment

Vistaseal has the best design and most powerful equipment and machines

Training and Evaluation

Vistaseal has taught and well trained a lot of students in many years And has certificated them

Certified Engineers

Vistaseal employs the best and most experienced specialists and engineers
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Our Plans

Our company has a good idea for the different conditions

Standard Plan

  • The company's need for long-term presence
  • Signing up the contract for a long time
  • Implementing different projects

Force Plan

  • The needs of the industrial complex to eliminate leakage as soon as possible
  • Mapping at the earliest opportunity
  • Construction of the equipment according to the engineering plan
  • Group dispatch in the shortest time to fix the bug

Premium Plan

  • The need for industrial complex to eliminate leakage
  • A rigorous review of the implementation method
  • Making the desired equipment
  • The speed of the action in doing the job

Our Team

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