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Vistaseal Leak Repair’s objective is to provide professional service with trained Technicians, at competitive rates, seven days a week and (24) twenty-four hours a day service to insure a successful completion to client’s on-stream services. Experienced leak sealing Technicians can safely and successfully eliminate an unscheduled shutdown of plant operations by repairing leaks on piping components while the system is under full operating conditions. Vistaseal employs the latest in leak seal technology, including sealants and encapsulation, to control and eliminate pressurized leaks. Vistaseal can repair leaks from gravity fed oil drips to 5,000 pounds per square inch steam and process leaks within the cryogenic (-250 F) to refractory (1700 F) temperature. Vistaseal can seal leaks on including but not limited to the following:

Leaking, cracked, or broken flanges Hub-weld leaks Case joint leaks Valve bonnet leaks Leaks from rough, pitted

Boiler roof, sidewall leaks Foster-Wheeler reformer leaks Leaks from any other manufactured r

Column leaks Tank leaks Overturned tank car leaks

Stage heater Shell and tube exchanger leaks

Large diameter pipe leaks Any pressure vessel leak

Piping Flanges and fittings Basins

Chimney tray leaks Valve tray leaks Draw or trap tray leaks

Repacking valve glands on-line Repacking valves Quadra-Seal injection system Replacing gland follower bolts

Thinning pipe and vessel Interior and exterior corrosion solutions Structural reinforcement (concrete, pipe, tanks, walls, floors) Earthquake